This picture shows a red headed purple breasted female (left) & male (right) attempting to get their morning drink of water but they canít break through the ice!.† This is typical during the winter time in Tucson.

I (Bev) have been raising Lady Gouldian Finches for over 30 years in Tucson Arizona.† My birds are raised in a barn by their parents.† The temperatures in the barn range from approximately 25˚F to 105˚F.† Most gouldian parents do not keep the chicks warm when they have pin feathers, so on cold nights, nest boxes should be brought inside. Independent juveniles are moved to flights in another part of the barn or in flights outside, while protecting them from cold wind and rain, where the temperatures range from approximately 17˚F to 110˚F.

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Gouldian Finches:

A Complete Pet Ownerís Manual

by Gayle Soucek

The beautiful, multicolored Gouldian Finch is native to Australia. When kept as pets, they thrive on seeds and fresh fruit. Here's reliable information on cage maintenance and general care of this popular bird, including purchasing, feeding, health care, training, grooming, and more. Heavily illustrated with high-quality photos and anatomically accurate line drawings.


Pages: 96 pp.

Published: 2008


Color photos and black/white drawings

Binding: Paperback

Size: 6.5" x 7.875"


Available for $10

There is no charge for shipping if it is purchased with birds, otherwise, shipping is $2.50.



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Lady Gouldian Finches!

I used to have a lot of trouble with predators that include; coopers hawks, kestrel falcons, screech owls, road runners and snakes.† Iíve put screen around the flights and chicken wire under the flights (they donít go to the ground and they have a roof).† This has stopped the winged predators from killing or bothering my birds.† I have not been able to prevent snakes from getting in to cages and flights so I carefully check for snakes every chance I get during the months that snakes are active.††

Over the years, Iíve purchased birds throughout the country to ensure the birds are not paired with a relative.† Through this careful breeding and tracking program, and raising these beauties outside, Iíve developed very hardy strains.