Shipping and handling within continental United States (excluding Arizona) is $75.00 for 6 or fewer birds and for 7-12 birds it is $90.00. (Travel time is ~36 hours.)


   Shipping within Arizona is $45.00 for 6 birds or fewer and for 7-12 birds it is $65.00. (Travel time is ~12 hours.)


   I ship (weather providing) on the earliest Monday after funds have cleared the bank and the buyer will be available to accept the birds.


   There are no shipments on weeks that have a federal holiday.


   Shipping in the heat of the summer is limited (July and August).


   Shipping for the year ends the week before Thanksgiving.†


   Birds are not shipped in singles; they need company.


   I guarantee live delivery.


Bevís Birds

P.O. Box 85044

Tucson, AZ† 85754


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Bev's Birds

This is a picture of a red headed purple breasted male.

Local Sales

        I raise these beauties at my home.† Since I donít have a store, I donít have the facilities to interface with customers.† This also prevents my birds from being exposed to possible contamination (infectious diseases) visitors may introduce.† This insures disease free birds for my customers.

        If you wish to avoid shipping charges, arrangements can be made to meet me at an agreed location to pick up your birds after final payment.